roots LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS, primarily a landscape design firm, was established in the year of 2002, with a notion to contribute holistic work in the field of architecture and landscape design.
The firm presently represented by a young team of architects, landscape architects & artists has been guided by the partners Prachi & Umesh Wakaley.
Over a period of time, having worked with several reputed architecture and planning organizations across the country, roots has gathered an array of experience in the field of Architecture, Contemporary Landscape Urban Design & Regional Environmental Planning, & attempt towards providing seamless landscape & architectural solutions for site planning & building design projects.
The studio indulges into a wide range of projects from small courtyards to large scale institutional campus developments.
Presently the firm aspires to identify an independent Language Of Landscape, a more purist approach and search for an Identity exclusive (to the Art of Sculpting Nature) to LANDSCAPE be it design, planning, art or otherwise.
The creative attempts display influence of cubism, minimalism and contemporary Architecture theories. Most of the works claim to inspire from and relate to with the works of Corbusier, Barragan, R. Burle Marx, Geoffrey Bawa etc.,
The Expressions in the form of settings, creating visual frames, play of spatial arrangement are probably a result of interest in Cinema & graphic arts.
Prima-facie, a strong & obvious impression of Arts & bold Graphics thus can be seen from most of the creative endeavors.
Although, an urge to indulge into experimentation with every new opportunity, the firm has shown its ability to explore, grow, intensify and keep the process of continuous learning on.
Sometimes its the very people who no one imagines anything of,
who do the things that no one can imagine.